Costia is a tiny parasite that may live on your goldfish and within the water of the tank for some time before it causes any problems. Doses are added daily to several times a week and large water changes are carried out weekly to ensure there are no excessive buildups. Fish contract the bacteria through open sores or feeding on dead fish that died from the disease. Fish Pox No treatment. I guess I should have expected it since there were a female and three male, along with a big chunk of java moss in the quarantine tank as the perfect breeding bed.
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Ammonia poisoning and stress

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White Cotton Like Stuff On My Fish

Sluggishness, loss of balance, hollow belly, external cysts and sores. The pet shop thought it may have a head injury, its gills seem more orange than usual. Prevention is of utmost importance, and It is possibly to cure a fish if treated right away. Paraguard is a general medication which might or might not be enough for the particular strain of the bacteria which is causing the mouth rot on your fish. I am going to get the other Seachem product you mentioned. Problems breathing ich invades the gills , clamped fins, loss of appetite.
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How to Clean Mold in a Fish Tank - Pets

These sores usually appear around the eyes and grow progressively larger over time, eventually penetrating the outer layer of skin. Anything that goes into your tank that has been in another aquarium or natural body of water could potentially have algae on it. Read this article to find out how to spot lice and worms on your fish and how to rid your tank of these parasites…. But first, you must of course work out exactly what illness it is that your fish are suffering from. It can grow in huge nasty globs on the surface of your aquarium, cutting out light. Any idea what is this stuff, and how I can remove or control it?
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The longer you wait the worse the problem gets. It would be too careless of me if I did. KanaPlex should have worked as they said. I added water to my tank two days ago and now my fish have a white fluffy looking substance on them. Is there anything we can do to get it to pull up again without subjecting the fish to another salt dip? I can definitely say it's not very attractive looking.
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Cotton like stuff on bottom of aquarium

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