My vagina has recently smelt fishy and cheesy recently and I don't understand why. It makes me wonder if it's just sweat? For past four months, i notice that my virgina smells fishy, but now the odour is even worst. Download Clue to track your fluids and learn more about your vaginal health. The vagina is a self-cleaning organ. I too have the same problem, I kinda shaved my private part once and I'm afraid I over did it: Mine doesn't always smell, but after a few hours throughout the day it starts too.
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Vaginal Fluids!

Will RePhresh help with a smell of urine? As tempting as it may be, trying to get rid of discharge by washing with soaps can actually make the problem worse. I am 23 years old and I am extremely self conscious about vaginal odor. I have had this odor for a long time and I have gone to the doctor and had taken medication for a yeast infection, so I am certain I don't have a yeast infection. So weird, I've seen so many posts about women's vagina discharge and stuff smelling like a period or something stronger. For me, it was simply a sanitized dildo but it can simply be a new fabric or detergent. What could be the cause?
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Vaginal itching and discharge - adult and adolescent

It burns a lot when I urinate and sometimes makes it impossible for me to walk or keep my legs close together. But do any of them work, and is there a way to make your vagina smell and taste great, without resorting to artificial means? Write me at sexpert seniorplanet. Anal itching itchy bottom ; 1st August But I don't have vaginal odor anymore and my odor was gone fast.
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I have sex with girls but non of them for a fact haves and std or an sti if there is any treatment I can do without going to a doctor please tell me. I have recently noticed thick white discharge and a slight smell of fish or it could be semen not sure, that i can't get rid of, i have no itching and im not sore. You are correct that it is the change in pH that makes the smell change. Sheila I recently used monistat and actually it says antibiotic on the box now since it is treated as a medication for infections. My husband and I are very sexually active so this is a problem. It may be some type of an infection that you may or may not have gotten from your bf.
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Odor coming from my clitoris

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