At that very moment, far away, Fire Lord Zuko is angsting into the sunset about his inability to type out the word "you" instead of just using "u" all the time. Cum all over my own foot and eat all my babies cdkka. He's at least seven feet tall, and bulging with synthetic muscle everywhere at Mr. Cheating Kendra Sunderland regrets nothing to the last drop of cum. Then he breaks his right arm, which leads to a spurt of his magic abilities that's unheard of for someone his age. Everyone except them Japs of course, but who cares about their opinion since they made everyone miserable for over years? Gorgons keep petrifying your soldiers?
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Gehrman, who on top of being chairbound is also missing a leg, will mutilate you with his Burial Blade and blast a hole through you with his Blunderbuss. Oh, and she confesses to being the one who poisoned the apple that caused Katara's miscarriage. Katara returned to her place by Aang and snuggled back with him. The comic starts with Aang and the rest talking to the Earth King about how HARMONY needs to be restored in the world with peace and love and decide that all the Fire Nation colonies with Japs still living in them need to be removed in order for everyone to be happy. Felix Gaeta lost his leg and shortly thereafter started a full-scale, devastating mutiny against his CO. Viper in the Kung Fu Panda franchise was, according to Secrets of the Furious Five , born without fangs and learned kung fu to make up for it. The Superfan in Citizens of Earth is a young girl in a wheelchair.
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Imagine the buzz your character will get when they win the judo competition with just one good leg. Just let me go, alright? This trope is often seen in Real Life among people who don't accept the Dream-Crushing Handicap as the final word. He is still, however, an incredibly ruthless and cold blooded killer. That will never, ever happen.
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